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Interior textile for hotels and domestic spaces

Interior textile for hotels and domestic spaces

Textile pieces, like a soft cushion, a lovely throw or tailor made curtains, are ideal items to decorate a living space with style, by bringing a distinctive touch. All textile accessories produced by Altitudo give new life to spaces dedicated to relaxation, by creating a welcoming atmosphere through the combination of sophisticated colours and the tactile sensation offered by the materials used. Cushions, plaids, covers, quilted plaids, throws bed covers, faux furs, curtains made from natural yarns and fabrics turn our clients’ homes into comfortable and welcoming spaces.

Cuscini per hotel cop - Altitudo Srl


Cushions can make a huge difference: they give the room a more welcoming look and they confer personality, character and style thanks to the selected shades and materials.

Coperte per Hotel cop - Altitudo Srl


Soft plaids warm up winter nights, but they also have a decorative function: giving a new life to sofas and couches with a range of new colours and textiles.

Trapuntino albergo cop - Altitudo Srl

Quilted plaids

Available in wool, natural or synthetic fibres, these quilted plaids bring the comfort and warmth ever needed.

Fondoletto per hotel cop - Altitudo Srl

Throws and bed throws

Bed throws are an essential detail of every hotel room, additionally they are appreciated as a decorative element lifting rooms to a higher level.

Tende per Hotel cop - Altitudo srl


Curtains have high ornamental power: with several colour combinations they bring personality to the room.

Accessori per hotel Cop - Altitudo srl


A vast range of accessories is available, many of which can be personalised. Nice gift ideas, useful objects are awaiting you.