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Decoration and textiles for hotels, homes, cottages,
mountain chalets.

Altitudo designs and produces decorative textiles: plaids, throws, quilts, bed covers, cushions, cushions’ covers, padded items, faux fur, curtains, bath linen, and much more.

All Altitudo products are entirely conceived and fabricated in Italy.

Loving simple and natural things, looking for purity, quality and warmth of materials, passionate about taking care of yourself and your living space: Altitudo was born like this.

The goal? Enjoying and making the best out of the time spent at your place.

The team is there to support you every step of the way: from taking measurements to creating tailored pieces, on to production and delivery straight to your home.

Next to its own collection, Altitudo offers above all the possibility to produce made-to-measure products, according to the client’s taste, this way we respond to our individual client’s wishes, whatever your project is.


Decorative textiles Made in Italy

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Altitudo is there for

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Our values

Altitudo srl - baffo marrone
Altitudo srl - creatività produzione cuscini plaid coperte trapuntini


As added value, we bring creativity to every project: special combination of colours and yarns create exclusive products, coherent with the client’s house and style.

Altitudo srl - qualità produzione cuscini plaid coperte trapuntini


Fabrics and yarns of superior quality and meticulous production process are key features of Altitudo’s products.

Altitudo srl - produzione su misura cuscino plaid coperta trapuntino


Decoration and furniture made to your specifications can bring life and a touch of style to any room or living space, whether it’s in a hotel or your own home.

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The defining feature of Altitudo is our capability to personalise almost all products, allowing clients to express their style and distinguish their project.